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Katogi Averoff Wine @bar

Katogi Averoff is one of Greece’s most historic wineries. It is located in the village of Metsovo, home to some of the country’s most mountainous vineyards, at an altitude of over 1000m.

During your stay in Metsovo, don’t miss the opportunity to explore our cellars, where our red wines are aged. Get to know about the vision of our founder Evangelos Averoff and follow the wine’s journey from the vineyard to the bottled product. Let the aromas of the must and wine narrate their unique story, even as the production process continues uninterrupted nearby.


Depending on the season, you will be able to observe the harvest, the fermentation in barrels, the grapes being distilled, wine aging, or being bottled and prepared to fill your glasses, bringing out the rich aromas of our place. Open a window into the captivating world of wine and end your journey with a tasting of our wines and spirits.

Katogi Averoff Winery

Operation hours: 10:00 – 16:00

For reservetions


Tel: +30 26560 31490

Winery Tour

The winery tour lasts approximately 30 minutes and includes:

A visit to the Katogi Averoff cellars, following every stage of production.
Video presentations depicting the various stages of wine production and the history of the winery.
Cellar 1

Wine Tasting

Inima Georgiadou

By reservation only

General Information:

The temperature of the cellars is quite low (12 – 14°C). Thus, it is highly recommended to be dressed accordingly.
All tasting wines are subject to availability.
Tasting glass: 50 ml
Our special platters are also available at additional cost. Prior notice required.
Guests can purchase wines and various wine enthusiast accessories at the winery boutique. 
For more information, visit the winery’s website