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Katogi Averoff Hotel is located on the outskirts of Metsovo, next to the historic winery and distillery.

Inextricably linked to wine, the hotel evokes a sense of warmth and the joy of hospitality in an intimate setting, while serving as an ideal starting point for excursions and explorations of the authentic Metsovo.


Designed in traditional architecture combined with various modern decorative elements, the Katogi Averoff Hotel exudes a unique atmosphere.

greek coffee

Start your day with a delicious handmade breakfast, served in the Averoff family’s old dining room.

Touch the woolen textiles and ornately carved wooden lamps. Feast your eyes on the original works of art by contemporary Greek artists adorning the rooms. Plan your excursions into nature and “unlock” the hidden beauties of Metsovo. Take a winery tour and sample the wines and spirits on offer. Enjoy moments of relaxation while savoring a glass of wine and fine dining in the restaurant, sitting by the fireplace, or on a table in the courtyard. Treat yourself to the luxury of relaxation.

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